Alkota Products

For over forty years Alkota has been making the best cleaning equipment and pressure washers in the world. Our products are engineered and manufactured to give you the best in durability, efficiency, and reliability. And with our extensive product line, you can be assured that Alkota has the right product for your specific cleaning need.

washers.jpeg Cold Water Pressure Washers
Hot Water Pressure Washers
Steam Cleaners
Quality cleaning equipment in a size to meet your needs.
mobile.jpeg Mobile Cleaning
The most attractive, durable, high-performance mobile solutions in the industry.
wastewater.jpeg Waste Water Treatment
Industrial evaporators and sand filtration systems for wastewater management.
waterheaters.jpeg Water Heaters
Portable and stationary water heaters that can be easily designed into your system.
power-parts.jpeg Power Parts Washers
Environmentally-safe automatic washers for efficient, solvent-free cleaning.
industrial-spaceheaters.jpeg Industrial Space Heaters
Dependable, low-cost heat circulation for temporary or emergency heating.

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