Kärcher Hot Water Washers

Compact-Class Electric Hot Water Washer

Compact-Class Electric-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer for Commercial Applications

Kärcher’s HDS Compact machines offer big model features in a small package for use in commercial applications. Units feature infinite variation in flow, pressure, temperature, and detergent injection. Kärcher’s 92%+ efficient and compact downdraft-fired burner uses far less fuel than other brands, giving these units the lowest operating costs in the industry.

These HDS compact models are steam capable and come standard with Kärcher’s patented commercial axial pump, highpressure detergent system, anti-scale system, high-temperature shut-off, thermal overload protection, pivoting spray lance, soft-grip gun, 311°F steam hose, and high impact Power Nozzle.

Models are ETL certified to both UL and CSA safety standards.

  • Super-Efficient Downdraft Burner
  • Complete Shut-down at Trigger Gun
  • Steam Capable
  • Variable Flow, PSI, Temperature and Detergent

Skid-Mounted Gas or Diesel Hot Water Washer

Rugged, Skid-Mounted Gasoline- or Diesel-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer

Liberty Series oil-fired skids are the workhorses of the pressure washer industry. Delivering up to 5.6 GPM of hot water at up to 3500 PSI, these skid-mounted gas- and diesel-powered machines are built on an open frame using heavy-gauge 11/4" powder coated steel and can be mounted to a truck or trailer. The engine and powerful belt-drive pumping unit are isolated from the rest of the machine on a shock-mounted sub-frame to reduce vibration. Each unit is ETL certified and comes with a Kärcher KT series pump and a Schedule 80 heating coil with standard stainless steel wrap.

  • Heavy-Gauge 11/4" Steel Frame
  • Belt-Drive Kärcher KT Pump with 7-Year Warranty
  • Gas or Diesel Engine
  • 1/2" Schedule 80 Heating Coil with 5-Year Warranty

Hand Truck Electric/Diesel Hot Water Washer

Electric-Powered, Diesel-Heated Hot Water Pressure Washer with Hand Truck Design

Kärcher offers nine hot water pressure washers with our unique hand truck design. These rugged electric-powered, diesel-heated units have an all-metal frame, heavy-duty vertical heating coil with stainless steel wrap, waterresistant control box and tubed pneumatic tires. They come with Kärcher crankcasestyle pumps and are ETL certified to UL and CSA standards. The 1.5 HP model (photo at left) comes in an extra-compact frame. 

  • Heavy-Gauge 11/4" Steel Frame
  • Crankcase Kärcher Pump with 7-Year Warranty
  • 120V, 230V, 460V
  • 1/2" Schedule 80 Heating Coil with 5-Year Warranty

Gas Hot Water Washer with Roll Cage

Easy-Handling, Portable, Gasoline-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer with Roll Cage

These portable, gas-powered, diesel-heated hot water pressure washers are loaded with heavy-duty components and a rugged steel chassis. Their compact frame design along with tubed pneumatic tires provide easy maneuvering in any terrain. Each unit is ETL certified to UL and CSA safety standards and has a Schedule 80 steel heating coil with stainless steel wrap. Heavy-duty Kärcher crankcase pumps feature brass cynlinder heads and 7-year warranty.

  • Totally Self-Contained and Portable
  • Industrial-Duty Pump with 7-Year Warranty
  • Reliable Honda or Robin Engine
  • Up to 3500 PSI

Gas or LP Hot Water Washer

Natural Gas or LP-Heated Hot Water Pressure Washer with German Innovation

Our Classic Series of natural gas and propane units feature German engineered Kärcher components, including unique watercooled electric motor and threepiston direct drive axial pump with a wobble plate design for smooth, quiet operation. This line also features infinitely variable operating pressure, water volume, temperature and detergent settings along with steam function and electronic ignition, our proprietary anti-scale system and complete machine shut-off at the trigger. All models are certified to rigid UL and CSA safety standards. 

  • Total Trigger Gun Shut-Off
  • Infinitely Variable Detergent Injection, Pressure & Temperature
  • Unique Water-Cooled Electric Motor
  • Kärcher-Engineered Axial Pump with 5-Year Warranty
  • Anti-Scale System
  • ETL Safety Certified

Electric/Diesel Hot Water Washer

Full-Size, Electric-powered, Diesel-heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

Kärcher's Full-size Classic hot water machines are the most advanced on the market, featuring a patented 3-piston axial pump and integrating a 4-pole water cooled motor for optimum efficiency. Kärcher's fuel efficient burner technology uses up to 20% less fuel than the competition. Full-size Classic machines come standard with anti-scale system, low-fuel and low water shut off, exhaust temperature sensor, pivoting spray lance, Easy-Press trigger gun, 50' high-pressure hose, and a 41" stainless steel spray wand that pivots under pressure. Kärcher's new ECO setting operates the machine in the most economical temperature range (140° F), saving an additional 20% less fuel than at full-load operation (180°), by optimizing burning cycles.

  • Environmental protection
  • User friendliness
  • Cleaning performance
  • Mobility
  • Operational reliability
  • Service friendliness

Skid Mounted Industrial Gas Hot Water Washer

Fuel-Efficient, Skid-Mounted, Industrial-Duty, Gasoline-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer

Tough enough to clean Mt. Rushmore, the HDS 1000 BE is ideal for building contractors, farmers, forest services, and municipalities requiring high-performance machines in remote locations. Units are powered by a Honda gasoline engine complete with electric-start and engine idle-down and are equipped with Kärcher’s industrial-grade direct-drive axial pump and super-efficient downdraft burner system. These machines are easy to use and include infinitely adjustable operating pressure, water volume, temperature controls, and detergent metering. Certified to established UL and CSA safety standards. 

  • Rugged Steel Frame
  • Engine Idle-Down
  • Industrial Direct-Drive Axial Pump
  • Super-Efficient Downdraft Burner
  • Variable Pressure, Detergent, Flow